Blood Diamonds

Recently, I needed a distraction and decided to give internet dating one more try.  I'm not sure why I thought paying for this type of torture was necessary, but I did.

The last time I went on one of these sites, I told myself I would say yes to anyone who asked me out because you never know who you'll meet. This time I'm being a bit more selective, but also open to saying yes to those that I'm not sure about.

This guy, we'll call him D, asked me out to dinner and even though I couldn't tell from his pictures if I was interested, he seemed nice enough and I said  yes.

When deciding on a place to dine with someone new, if a guy isn't willing to leave his neighborhood to meet me for dinner, then I'm less interested in meeting him.  If you can't meet me in the middle for our first date, then you must not want to meet me too badly.  I wouldn't want to inconvenience you too much on a first date after all.

To my delight, I get to choose the restaurant…

The Giant and the Single Girl (The Giant part two)

I'm a planner, I like to organize my friends so we can do fun activities. I'm pretty inclusive when I organize activities and invite everyone I think would be fun to hangout with.  One of the girls I started inviting to things last summer, we'll call Desperado.  I didn't realize the extent of her desperation until it was too late.

Even though this story is about the Giant and Desperado, there is actually more to this story and it actually starts and ends with a camping trip and has a few more characters.

Let's start with the first camping trip.  It's a large group camping trip with a large group of my friends and their friends and more friends.  There are about 150 people on the trip this particular year and  the 11th year this group has gotten together but only my third time.

I was supposed to go on this camping trip with my friend J, but he decided he didn't want to go this year and left me to go alone.  He had already paid for the trip, so I thought I…

The Giant (part one)

Even though I am very tiny, I have a thing for really tall guys.  I know, it's unfair and silly, but the less I feel like I'm with my brother the better.

One of my friends knows this about me, brings along a new tall guy friend -- we'll call him the giant, to my 4th of July barbecue.  The Giant is 6'8", I actually think he's a bit taller but won't admit it to anyone (like me, haha).

A few months go by and I get a text from the Giant asking me if I want to meet up with him and some friends downtown?  I had been competitive drinking all day at a flip cup tournament so my friends and I were not in any shape to be traveling about the city, we were going to stay right where we were.  He understood and invited me to the park the next day to play some volleyball.

I show up the next day at the park for volleyball and meet his friends.  My friends were on their couches recovering from the competitive drinking.

We had a fun day of volleyball and decide to meet up at…


Everyone's answer to a single person is "you should try internet dating!", "my friend/brother/uncle/sister found her husband/wife that way!". Blah, blah blah. This is starting to sound like one of those urban legends.

So, moving to a new city, I decide to give it a try.

I fill out my profile so it's very clear that I am new to the city and that I'm looking to meet new people, make some new friends and if a relationship should come along, that would be great -- I am like a squirrel, any fast movements and I run like the wind.

I decide if I'm going to try this online dating thing, then I'm going to say yes to anyone who asks me out and give everyone at least two dates.  I believe that first dates are often awkward and people need a second chance.  Now, there are exceptions to these rules...if there are more than 15 years age difference or I really am not attracted to a person then I will politely decline.

I start to get messages from TMI guy.  I…

Goody Two Shoes

This story starts out very platonically, in fact it shouldn't be a story at all, but alas my dear Fiona fans - my friend did not disappoint.

A few summers ago I went to my high school reunion. One of the guys at the reunion - we'll call him Goody Two Shoes, he introduces me to his lovely wife and then after she walks away tells me that he'll be in my town in a few months and we should get together for dinner.

Well, that sounds like fun! A few old high school pals catching up.

He then says "you can give your other boyfriends the night off, because I'll be all you need."

Hmm. I'm sure he's just kidding.

We exchange numbers, and I forget about the plans we've made to catch up when he's in town.

A few months go by and I get a text from Goody Two Shoes, letting me know he'll be in town next week and let's make plans to get together for dinner.

Yes! Let's make plans.

The reason we call this guy Goodie Two Shoes is because he is a 6'…

High School Crush - Part Two

Fast forward to our next reunion.

I'm in shock that the next reunion is already upon us and want to share my misery with company. Since the last reunion, I've moved to another state and am no longer in charge of organizing the reunions..thank goodness.

We've moved into the 20th century and our reunion website has a list of classmates that have RSVP'd and also email addresses if you are inclined to give that sort of information out.

I browse my way through the list of classmates, my memories rushing back to the hallways of high school and the familiar faces and names that were once my everyday landscape.

High up on the list in the A' the name of my highschool crush.  I linger there on that name for a time, smiling to myself about all the angst that name caused me in my youth...and those butterflies come back for a bit.  I notice that the link for email is active.

I decide to send him an innocent email, you know just to pretend like I don't care what his l…

High School Crush(es) - Part One

My stories would not be complete without a story about High School Crush.
It all started back in high school. He was the football quarterback and alas, I was never a cheerleader. I was what was once called a "Tom Boy" but now that term is not politically correct anymore. I guess now you would say I was "athletic". I played a different sport every season. Soccer, Track & Field, Softball. I was a Bo Jackson wannabe, or so I thought. Truth be told I REALLY wanted to be a cheerleader - but thought my talents best used in sports.
I met my high school crush well before our freshman year actually started, since we were to report to daily doubles - two practices in one day to get ready for the soccer (in his case football) season about a month prior to the first day of school. We became fast friends and I tried to hide my undying love for him but I'm sure he saw right through me. There were quite a few girls vying for his attention, so I always stood back an…